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General Dentistry

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are used to restore the aesthetics and function of teeth. If a tooth has a cavity, decay or is minimally fractured, a filling is placed to correct the issue and prevent further decay or fracture.

White Fillings for Teeth

We do offer white fillings, which are an alternative to silver (amalgam) fillings. They are comprised of strong composite resin and is matched to the natural color of your tooth.

When you need a small filling but don’t want ugly silver in your teeth, direct resin or white fillings are the way to go. Their most obvious advantage is beauty – a well-done white filling can be indistinguishable from the natural tooth. They have many advantages. White fillings can change the appearance of teeth, strengthen teeth, and more conservatively treat teeth – all things that silver fillings cannot do.

White Fillings for Teeth   Tooth Colored Fillings

White fillings are bonded to tooth structure – this means that they actually integrate with the tooth, thereby sealing the gap between tooth and filling and adding their strength to the tooth. This allows for the more varied uses of resin beyond just regular fillings – like placing thin layers over front teeth to change their color, shape or general appearance; or repairing small chips or fractures in teeth; or even being placed in the grooves of teeth to prevent decay from ever occurring. Bonded white fillings are an extremely beautiful advance in the creation of fantastic and healthy smiles.

If you’d like to learn more about white fillings for teeth and the ways in which we can give you the beautiful, healthy smile of your dreams, contact our Crest Hill dental office today at (815) 741-1700. One of our friendly dental team members will always be ready to speak with you to answer your questions and schedule your consult. We will restore your teeth to their natural brilliance!

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