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Orthodontics & Dental Hygiene

Oral Hygiene for an Orthodontic Patient

Provided by Advanced Family Dental & Orthodontics, PC

Brushing and flossing were important before you got braces…and well they are just as important now. Behind your braces, your teeth are shaping into the smile of your dreams…do your part to keep them healthy and strong so they look good when your new smile is ready.


Use a soft-bristle toothbrush to get into the nooks and crannies and between the brackets. Brush at least twice a day for at least two minutes.  It would be great to brush after ever meal to make sure there is no food in or around your braces.


Floss at least once a day.  It might seem a little tricky now that you have braces but practice getting between the wires and up to your gum line.  If you have trouble, just ask your orthodontic assistant for a few tips on how to maneuver the floss around the wires.


Pick out fluoride toothpaste—any flavor or brand is fine.  Your orthodontist may even recommend a fluoride rinse to help protect and strengthen the teeth.

Orthodontic Dental Hygiene KitOral Hygiene Orthodontic Kit

Utilize the orthodontic kit you received when you started your orthodontic treatment.  Inside the kit you’ll find a special toothbrush, another for travel, a handy 2-minute timer, some dental floss and more.  These tools are to help you do your part of keeping your teeth healthy while we work to straighten your smile.

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