Meet Our Dental Staff

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Dental Hygienists

Competent – Compassionate – Thorough

Our Dental Hygiene Team possess years of experience and continuing education bringing the most desirable expertise to our practice. Each hygienist as in the top of their classes using the newest high-tech dental technology. Plus, they are experts with intraoral photography as well. Each hygienist is dedicated to your dental health needs and the overall well being of each of our patients.

Dental Assistants

Each Dental Assistant is committed to you and your comfort. It is their diligence in making your dental visit as comfortable as possible that helps make Advanced Family Dentistry and Associates so fabulous. Each assistant is fully trained and are specialists in providing the highest quality of care.

Front Office Coordinators

Our Front Office Coordinators receive our patients (both on the phone and in person) with kindness and compassion. They will assist you in any way possible from appointment scheduling and insurance coverage, to reviewing preoperative and postoperative instructional care. They are ready to answer your questions, so call us today!