Before Your Denture Visit

As a new patient to our office, the best way to start is completing the new patient paperwork.

During your initial consultation, the doctor will review your medical and dental history.   Your history is important to the dentist to evaluate the appropriate course of treatment for you.  If you are taking any medications, please bring a list of those medications with you.

Impressions for Dentures

Denture impressions for same-day services are using taken first thing in the morning and submitted to our lab.  The lab immediately begins fabricating your denture so it will be ready later in the afternoon.  We are able to take impressions any time of the day, but those dentures may not be delivered the same day.  If you are interested in same-day service, please make sure to inform the staff when making your initial appointment.

Tooth Extractions

Content to come

Delivery of Dentures

The staff will share with you the estimated time that your denture will be ready for you to receive.  The fabrication of your denture is being done efficiently in our dental lab so we can keep our fees affordable.

If you experience any difficulties with your denture, please be sure to let our staff know so they can make recommendations for follow-up care with the dentist and/or lab technician.  We are here to help you!