Dental Emergencies

Dental EmergenciesAt Advanced Family Dental, we recognize that dental emergencies occur. Knowing what to do can mean the difference between saving and losing a tooth!

Handling Dental Emergencies

Any dental emergency — like an injury to the teeth, gums or severe damage to braces or other dental appliances — can be a potentially serious issue and should not be overlooked or ignored. Ignoring any dental problem can increase the risk of long-term or permanent damage, as well as the need for more complex and expensive treatment later on.

Our Mission is to Get You Out of Pain!

In addition, it is our goal to prevent permanent damage to your mouth and get you on the fast-track to recovery. No one wants to experience a dental emergency… but at Advanced Family Dental, we can provide quick help!

For more on dental emergencies, please click here and follow the instructions. Please call our office immediately to make an appointment if any such emergency arises at (815) 741-1700.