Anargyros Antonakos, DDS – General Dentist

Treating patients at our Crest Hill & Shorewood locations

Antonakos, AnargyrosDr. Antonakos has been practicing dentistry since 1984. His career has been enhanced by his memberships in numerous professional organizations and his induction into the Who’s Who Among Executives and Professionals.

Staying at the forefront of his field has always been a high priority for Dr. Antonakos as has his commitment to excellence in dentistry. Throughout his over 32 years of practice, he has participated and completed courses, seminars, and hands-on workshops on topics which include straight wire orthodontics, crown and bridge techniques, periodontics, implants, cosmetic and rehabilitative dentistry, TMJ, and snoring/sleep apnea.

From simple fillings and extractions to root canals on both children and adults, from the fabrication of full and/or partial dentures to the orthodontic straightening of teeth, Dr. Antonakos has performed and is knowledgeable on all procedures. His unique well rounded knowledge and abilities qualify him to handle the most difficult of patient situations in a methodical, knowledgeable, yet compassionate way.

He knows, understands, and firmly believes that a comfortable and attractive solution can be long-term only when the alignment of a patient’s bite is fully examined and repaired. It’s not enough to have teeth that look straight and attractive. The foundation has to be solid as well. He understands and has the expanded knowledge on how the teeth must come together in a healthy and supportive way so that the patient doesn’t end up with jaw pain or worse TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) disorder -a condition that can be very painful.

Dr. Antonakos years of experience have helped patients improve not only the look and feel of their teeth, but by, correcting the alignment of their teeth, has allowed them to enjoy long-term, comfort, and beauty.


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