Adolescent Orthodontics

Adolescent Orthodontics - Braces for Teens

For many teens, braces are a way of life and they are just waiting their turn.  Generally, between the ages of 11-13 after the baby teeth are lost and permanent teeth have come in, the adolescents will sport their new hardware.  But you are never too old for braces, so if there are signs that orthodontic care is needed, please let us take a look.

Orthodontic problems do not improve with age; they only get worse and sometimes harder to treat.  Treatment for each adolescent varies since each situation is different.  Generally, adolescent orthodontic treatment can last any were from 6 months to 2 years.  And then of course, dedication to wear the retainer after braces is removed.

We invite you to contact us to schedule a free adolescent orthodontics consultation.  Our general dentists and orthodontists will be able to help you understand the best treatment available, when to start, and what next steps to take.  Contact us today.